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Fate has decided.

I'm going to do the pirate thing that Marz suggested. I was debating between that and the Marionette (Indigo's suggestion) and I'm still sorta toying with doing them both ( a pirate marionette.) if I find out that everyone is doing the pirate thing. It might at least give it something different.

But what clinched it for the pirate was going into Salvation army today, just to see what they had, and watching them put out some stuff they just got.

Blouse. 3XL, white. Billowy sleeves, full collar, straight bottom, little V at the neck. Still had the price tags on it. Eight bucks. And I like it enough to wear it other times too, so it's worth it. Yes, it's big, even for me, but I can do a little work on the sleeves so they're tight around my wrists, and that will keep them from falling into everything. I think for the bandana, I'm going to buy a peice of black or red material and make my own. I also bought a pair of pants that will do and a vest. The vest even looks a little shoddy and worn, which I figure adds to the look. I can get hoop earrings pretty cheap, they have them everywhere.

The only problem will the the footwear. Salvation army had nothing, and even if they did, I never felt comfortable wearing preworn footwear. So, I'll see what I can dig up at Payless or WalMart.

Yeah, I think I can do this. But let me tell you, if they suddenly tell me I'm not working on Halloween, I'm going to be one pissed off camper. I've put money into this now. Yes, I might get some use out of the shirt, but the pants and vest? I'd never wear them. The pants fit around the waist, but they're about two inches too short for me to wear.

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions! I knew I could count on you folks to have some great ideas.

Hmmm... I should make a sword too, shouldn't I?

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