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This might sound weird coming from me...

But I saw the absolutely most perfect baby in the entire world today at work.

I'm not kidding. I was coming down the stairs and I saw the mother holding this baby and I thought at first she was holding one of those very very expensive, vinyl dolls, that's how absolutely perfect this baby looked. And this baby was clearly so new you could still see the price tag. But she was absolutely perfectly beautiful. Her skin was the color of really fine milk chocolate pudding. And not a flaw on her. No blotches, no uneven coloring, just faintly lighter at the cheeks. And a head of very silky looking so-black-they-seem-almost-blue curls. And these big, wide, blue eyes. Yes, I know her eyes will be changing color soon.

She was wearing a little pink dress too. Not a spot on the dress. And these little shoes. I swear, this kid looked like she'd been taken out of a box.

Not only did this baby look perfect, she acted perfect too. Not a peep out of the kid, mostly slept the entire time or opened up those baby blues of hers and looked around, batting her lashes.

If this little girl is half as good looking as a teenager as she is as a baby, her mother better invest her money in a good beating stick, cause she'll need one for all the boys. I'm not a baby freak and usually I don't find babies attractive, but I had to admit that if all babies looked like this one, I'd probably find them a lot more appealing.

I told the mother that this was the most beautiful, perfect, baby I'd ever seen in my life. I don't think she was expecting that, but she smiled. I was a bit startled that she seemed surprised. I can't imagine anyone couldn't see this baby and not be taken aback.

You don't see perfect human beings too often. Really. Everyone has some flaw, but not this baby. Amazing. If they were living in California, hollywood would go balistic over this kid. "My god, it's the PERFECT BABY!"

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