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Am I old fashioned or insane?

A coworker was showing me and some of the other girls at work, some pictures of a guy the other day. The first picture, this guy was wearing tight jeans, and a work shirt. The shirt was unbuttoned. The button on the fly of the jeans was open, and the fly was peeled just a tiny bit back. You could see his navel and just the top of that line where the pubic hair begins... but nothing else

This guy had nice, long, thick, hair, a rich brown color with auburn headlights. and a full lower lip. Pretty eyes too. I know that sounds weird to say of a guy, but they were. Kinda sexy, long lashed eyes, that turned down just a bit in the corners. Large, and just... pretty. Kinda sexy, pouty eyes. Nice nose too. Not a button, but not a beak. A nose with character, but not predominant. Relatively high cheekbones too.

Nice muscular chest. Not "bodybuilding" muscular, this guy looks like he swims and bikes. Maybe a bit of weight lifting, but more for toning than body building. Not hairless, but not a bear either. Nice, fine, reddish brown chest hair. Legs under those tight jeans were nice too.

Yes, I'm marrried, but I know what I like and seeing this first picture put me into instant heat. It was like, "Oh baby, if I were single, I would track you down and give you a night you'd never forget. I want you so bad I can taste it!

Friend goes, "Oh, if you think that's hot, let me show you this!"

And she flips to the next picture, and it's the same guy, but he's naked.

And all the desire inside of me for this guy, drained out in like five seconds. All I could see were these hairy legs... this... uhm.. equipment, that I guess wasn't too bad, but you've all seen one, right? It's just... there. And I could see the knobby knees...

And I just no longer wanted him. It was like, "Well, the mystery is gone, he's just a guy, glad I'm over that now!" It was like someone turned a lightswitch on and off.

But it was like I was the only one who seemed to feel like that. The rest of the girls were flipping through the nekid pictures, ooohin and ahhhing. And it wasn't like *giggle giggle, look at this* type ooohing and ahhhing. It was, "I'm getting hot!" oohing and ahhhing.

When I was growing up, most of my friends and I agreed that when looking at a Playgirl magazine, it was never the nude shot that we liked, it was the shot before, with the guy in the jeans and the open shirt, looking all sexy, but not showing all his glory. That seems to have changed now. It's like girls now want to see the package. I never cared about the package, as long as my lover had one and knew what to do with it.

I don't get it. I mean, I happen to think my husband it awesome and he's a wonderful lover. But let me tell you, if he did a slow striptease for me, I would not get hot, I would be too busy laughing my ass off.

I'm not quite sure if this is because of the generation I'm from, or if I'm just freaky and was lucky enough to find other freaks who agreed with me when I was younger, but naked men just don't do it for me. I prefer some things stay covered.

So, people... what do you think? Is a guy more sexy when he's wearing something tight, showing some skin but not all his skin? Or does the naked thing do something for you?

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