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I think I need some feedback. Or, maybe I just need to talk to myself, I'm not sure.

I get ideas for my fantasy writing world and I think they're great ideas, then I get this nagging little doubt that says, No, Darq, they suck. They suck ass. Major ass.

Most of these ideas are't really plot orientated, they're more "fleshing out" ideas. What type of people inhabit this world, what the society is like, etc. Just things to flesh it out and try to make this world seem as real to me as the world I actually live in, or at least some of the other worlds I've "borrowed" for writing fanfiction.

So, I was thinking I'd occationall toss these ideas off my LJ friends. But, I'm not sure if my LJ friends give a tinker's damn about what I'm doing. I mean, who cares if I'm going to have butterfly people in my fantasy world or not.

Now, I do have another journal which is hosted on another server, I've considered using for this purpose. BTW, Greatest Journal has some pretty cool features, including 1000 user icons... It's primarily for RPing, but they did say they don't object to regular journals on there either. Since one of my goals with this world I'm creating is to make it a workable gaming world, I feel that using it to talk about this stuff would actually fit into their general philosophy, even if it isn't exactly RPing, it's about something that has the potential to be RP... okay, I confess, I'm enthralled by the 1000 user icons! The only thing about using the Greatest Journal is that at this point, I don't have much of a friends list. *g* But.. if no one is really interested here in reading my stupid writing drivel, I might as well put it there rather than here.

Yes, if I do decide to put this information on this journal, I'll always put it behind an LJ cut. I can be long winded and I do really try not to spam friends lists with long posts.

Yes, any post about my "world" would be friendslocked. And I trust that anything you guys read you'd keep to yourself. I mean, not that I have awesome, wonderful, ideas, but at this point, they're mine and I want to keep them that way.

But anyway, I thought I'd just put up a poll to find out what people thought.

So, here it is... vote...
Poll #183659 Writing

Should I post my "world" ideas in this journal?

No. Whatever you do, don't write about your ideas!
Use the other journal, I'll check it out once in awhile.
Use the other journal so I'll never have to see it
Yes, use this journal. I'd love to read about it.
Might as well use this journal. I might read it if I'm so inclined.

What did you think of this poll

It was short
It was sweet
It was stupid
Mmmmm clam chowder!

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