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I'm sorry, neighbors

But I don't want to listen to your Cambodian music right now. I have the dulled hearing senses of your typical American, no doubt killed off at an early age, by being forced to listen to such stimulating peices as "Three Blind Mice" and listening to terrible Sid and Marty Kroft Saturday Morning TV themes. Because of this, your music sounds to me like someone has been throwing cats into a drier and recording their yowls.

I'm sure to you, having been raised on this music, it sounds sweet to your ears. Perhaps a bit mournful, especially when the one cat just shrieks out those high notes. I wonder if she got a nosebleed after that last line.

I don't begrudge your taste in music, I really don't. The United States is a big country, and I have no right to tell you what you should listen to.

However, you have been playing this music since 8:00 this morning, non stop, and so loudly that even though I've shut my windows, it sounds like it's coming out of my stereo. Trust me, even if you were playing a Grateful Dead marathon, I'd still be wishing you'd turn it off. The only difference is my ears might not be bleeding.

I don't like feeling like this. It makes me feel like I'm an evil person, like I'm totally un PC for not wanting to hear your music. But the truth is, it bothers the shit out of me. I was raised in the USA, I have the bland tastes and your music is like giving someone who's never eaten anything more spicy than a cucumber, a dish of extra spicy Kung Pau chicken. It's way too much. And while I would defend your right to listen to it, with my life, your right to play your music ends where my hearing begins.

So please, turn it the fuck off before I go over to your house and attack your boombox with a baseball bat.

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