Darqstar (darqstar) wrote,

Yes, I know the date.

I know how a lot of people are feeling today. I've read my friends list.

Today is not the day for me to make one of my pitiful attempts to be funny.

But, I don't want to sob for several hours straight. This year I have spent too much time mourning the dead. My mother in law, the people who were killed in the fire. Call me cold, but I've spent too much time this year barely able to function because of grief.

I can't swallow anymore for this memorial. I still feel bad for the families who lost their loved ones. I don't begrudge them their pain or sorrow. Whatever time is needed to heal is important.

I still think this "war on terrorism" is a bad idea, but I still support our troops. I wish we'd get the hell out of this and let them all come home, but I feel as long as Bush is President, we'll keep fighting for something we can't win. I'm glad that my niece is not going overseas, but working on a base in the States. She finds it boring. Good. Boredom is a much better condition than dead.

I'm glad that Todd and I are both working. Two years ago, Todd had been fired from his job. I know, in the light of what happened, it seemed so selfish for me to be more worried about us than about the rest of the country, but I also knew that we had an obligation to take care of ourselves. There was nothing I could do at that moment for the people in NYC, but I could help Todd with his job search so we could continue to survive. I was called on the carpet for driving places to get aplications for him. My opinion was that it would have done the world not a bit of good for Todd and I to take the attitude that we couldn't watch out over ourselves anymore.

I think that what gets to me the most is that how everyone said that September 11 had changed them forever, yet how quickly things went back to being the same. Jon Steward announced on the Daily Show that sarcasm was dead. Yet the show still goes on and still delivers the same edgy sarcasm it did before. I like the show, don't get me wrong, but sarcasm didn't die. I knew it wouldn't die. It was just taking a little rest.

Amenlover announced that his journal was a hoax and also made the impression that in light of what happened, he could never even dream of keeping it up. He's back at it. Erased his confession, but he's back again.

It seems like everyone went around saying, "Nothing will ever be the same." I got a lot of nasty looks and comments, because my opinion was, "Oh, bullshit. You're just saying that now because you're numb. But this won't change much, you'll see."

And it hasn't. Sarcasm is still alive and flourishing. People are even making jokes about 9/11 now. Some people are still crying over it, others are sighing and praying for today to end.

And maybe, the fact that we're still pretty much the same people as we were before is a tribute to the spirit of mankind. After all, if we totally did lose our sense of humor every time something tragic happened, the world would be a pretty dismal place.

That's all I have to say today. Sorry if you were expecting me to go into some long winded post, with lots of insight and feelings as to why this happened and why we should never forget. But, I don't think anyone needs me to tell them that. Those that don't want to forget already know all the reasons. Those that do want to forget aren't going to listen.

So, my only advice to people for today is to be good to each other.

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