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This is just too funny to get upset about.

At work today, I had a group of three people. Adult daughter and mother and stepfather (I think he was a stepfather, because the woman kept calling him by his name)

Okay, the mother orders a tuna roll. She eats all the tuna out of it. Every single bit. She doesn't touch her fries, she doesn't touch the bread, just the tuna. She cleans it out of tuna.

I go over to collect the plates. Stepfather had half a sandwich and fries left. "Can you wrap this?"


Daughter has half a sandwich and half her fries left. "Can you wrap this?"


Mother pushes her plate at me. "Can you wrap this?"

"Uhm... okay. Do you want the roll too, or just the fries?"

"I want the roll."

I start to walk away. Mother goes, "Wait a moment." I stop and turn around. Smiling sweetly, the woman goes, "Can you just tell the cooks to put a nice scoop of tuna inside the roll before they pack it?" Beaming brightly, like she's asked for a couple ketchup packets.

I go back over. "Uh, yes, but then I'd have to charge you for a scoop of tuna. When you get a tuna sandwich, mostly what you're paying for is the tuna."

"No, I'm just asking for a little scoop of tuna. I don't want to pay for it, I want to have dinner tonight and I'd just like some tuna in the roll."

"No, I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to give away tuna."

"Oh dear. Can I go into the kitchen and ask the cooks themselves? I'm sure they'd be happy to give me a nice scoop of tuna for my roll."

"No, I can't do that. We don't allow customers in the kitchen, and even if we could, the cooks are not allowed to give away free food either. Would you like me to get the manager and you can ask him if he'll give you a free scoop of tuna?"

Woman frowns. "Will he say yes?"

"No, probably not. LIke I said, the big cost in a tuna sandwich is the tuna. We can't give you extra tuna without charging you for it."

"Well, never mind. But I don't see what the big deal is, I'm just asking for some extra tuna for my roll!"

I am in total awe of this woman. What type of balls does someone have to ask for free tuna? I mean, I had a steak for dinner last night, and had them pack up the pasta I ordered with it. I should have said, "And can you toss in another steak?"

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