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A poll, yes, a POLL!

Okay, I've been searching through and rereading some of the fantasy stuff I own, trying to do some research for this project I'm trying to work on, and I've noticed that names in fantasy books vary widely, from very ordinary names, even if folks are living in a total fantasy world, down to names that sound like the author was horking up snot when he thought of them. I'm stuck on names for my story. The names I gave them in my head might not work too well, so I thought I'd do a poll.

It's open to anyone. There is no right or wrong answer of course, I'm just curious to see what people think.

And, to save page spam...

Poll #166369 Fantasy names

What type of names do you like to see when reading fantasy?

Real names. It does't bother me at all if the characters are named Dick and Jane.
I like made up names that sound cool. Like K'thelah or Tamerita. (Bad examples I know...)
Vaugly native americian or spiritual names. (Stealth, Windwalker, etc.)
Plants and animals make great names! (Spider, Wolf, Sage, Thistle, etc.)
Regular names that are spelled differently. (Rehbekka, Tahmas, Kivan, etc.)
Real names that are uncommon, or old fashion sounding (Rebecca, Galen, Jebediah, etc.)
Mary Sue style names. Sure, they're done to death in fanfiction, but in non fanfiction, I love names like Starlight Fairbeam and Moonwalker Streamlight.

I don't like any of those choices, let me give you my own choice instead.


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