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I'm feeling a stirring of real hope...

It looks like my latest project is going to be sucessful. Well, I'm not sure yet, but if things keep going the way they are, it will be. And so, I feel like if I write this, I won't jinx it.

We have an abandoned garage on our street that's become home to several ferrel cats, who have kittens rather frequently to add to the population. I've been trying to see if I can find a local "Fix 'em and free 'em" program, without much sucesss.

But, what I have done is manage to hand tame three ferrel kittens, who all seem to be in the same litter. One is orangish with white patches, the other two are primarily white with orangish patches. The one I call "Dopey" has orange ears and a spot of orange on his nose, and just a smuge of orange under his eye, which gives him a kinda sleepy look, which is why he's named "Dopey."

Anyway, I have three good homes for them, as soon as I can show the future owners they're litterbox trained and really prove they're hand tamed. Litterbox training will be hard, because I can't bring them into my house to prove it, but the landlady said I could keep them on the porch for a couple days to see how it goes. I think it should be fine, because I've brought a litter box into the garage and they all use it. I just wish I could get them to burry a little better. Hand taming, they just have to come over and see. When I go into the garage, all three race up to see who can get to me first, even when I'm not bringing food.

None of the adult cats will approach me, food or not. But the kittens will. And the first thing they do is untie my shoe laces. They're a little old for kittens ( a few months) but the vet said they were in excellent health. (Nice vet, only charged me 25 dollars for a visit for the three of them, and then 5 bucks each for shots.) They have no fleas, no worms (that last one shocked me.) And they all purr like motor boats.

So, tonight I'm bringing the three of them on my porch to make sure they don't leave any surprises. I've got a nice blanket out there, some water, and food. And, I think I'll bring my sleeping bag out there, just so that they won't feel like they're "trapped."

Cross your fingers for me. If all goes well, Dopey, Koosh, and Cracker will have good homes (and better names I'm sure) by the end of the week!

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