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I just want to be dry...

This summer sucks wind so far. It's raining today, which brings out the merry chorus of, "But gawd, we really need the rain!" Which we do, but this summer has been so damp and humid.

I'm tired of crawling into bed every night and my sheets feel damp. Even on nights when it's been comfortable temp. wise, the sheets feel clammy. I've been dousing myself in baby powder to help a little bit, but there is only so much baby powder can do. My towels in my bathroom feel damp. I've been sleeping just on blankets, instead of using the sheets, because they feel like wet vines clinging to my legs.

I freaking hate this. My parents have offered me a dehumidifier, but having no AC we have to have the windows open. Therefore, a dehumidifier is not going to do us a darned bit of good.

So, it's cooler today, due to the rain. So I feel like I'm wearing clothes that I pulled out of the drier just a bit too soon and they still have to dry completely My skin feels like I got out of the shower and didn't dry myself. I feel clammy and disgusting.

Yeah, this summer is shaping up to be suck. I haven't had a decent night's sleep since the end of May, because that feeling of wet, clammy blankets or sheets on my body makes wake up all the time, having nightmares of being attacked by plants or burried alive. No matter what I do, I don't feel dry and I hate it. I'm cranky because I'm not getting enough sleep and when I am awake, I always feel damp.

And I keep telling myself, There's nothing you can do, so get over it and just ignore it! And I try, I really do, but then I'm pealing my shirt and pants off my body, because all the material clings to me, I'm going through my closets and drawers feeling all my T-shirts and pants and all of them, before I even put them on, feel clammy and it's hard to try to be an optimist.

Even at work, where it is AC, it feels damp in there. I spend as much time drying off tables as I do washing them, otherwise, people will sit down to wet tables.

I wonder if I filled my whole bed with baby powder, if I could get a decent night's sleep?

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