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Wouldn't you like to wake up to this someday?

This is my dream... I wake up in the morning, turn on the news to hear this..
"Today marks the passing of the last stupid idiot in the world. Thanks to the involuntary sterilization act of 2003, making it manditory for anyone exhibiting extremely idiotic and stupid behaivor to be sterilized, and the manditory teaching of common sense to children, as well as required refresher courses for folks beginning to show idiotic and stupid tendencies, the decline of stupid idiots has been going down rapidly the last few years, to the point where there was only one stupid idiot left. And last night, in true stupid, idiotic fashion, she was killed by accidentally poking her eyeliner pencil through her eye and straight into her brain. The world is now totally stupid and idiot free."

Before you bitch me out, I'm not talking about people who are mentally challenged because of genetics or an accident or anything like that. I have actually met people who are mentally disabled, but believe it or not, have more common sense than half the so-called normal folks running around. I'm talking about stupid idiots. People who win the Darwin award by dying in a brilliantly stupid fashion, such as attempting to masturbate with a belt sander, or getting drunk and drive their cars at 90 miles an hour, down the exit ramp, trying to get on the highway. You know what I mean.. stupid idiots.

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