Darqstar (darqstar) wrote,

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Well, this is depressing.

I really need to buy new bras. But I hate shopping for that kind of stuff. Weird, I don't mind it when I have to buy underwear, but bras annoy me.

There is a Twilight Zone marathon on Sci Fi channel. Problem being that as it gets near the end, these are all the most "classic" epps, and I've seen them all a million times.

Work wasn't too busy today, nor was it too dead. I like it like that. On a good note, if they don't muck with the schedual, I actually have two days off next week. Whooo! But I don't dare rejoice too loudly, because they're bound to hear me and change it.

And on another totally unrelated note, the double chocolate Pepridge Farm Milano cookies are really yummy.

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