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Maybe I'm crazy, but I just put up a notice about starting up Saiyajins Unite again. I've missed it. I'm going to have to do a bit of work getting it back together again, finding out who we have still in the game and who we don't, but I can get that done. Just have to get settled into work.

Speaking of work, Day II of waitress training. Which may sound like I've barely begun, but I've had 3 days of classes, I've had 5 hostess shifts and I've lost count of the kitchen shifts. The nice thing is that shifts are pretty short, but it's still kinda crazy at times. And I've combined shifts. Hostess for one shift, then get off that and do kitchen shifts. Of course, I do make that fantastic minimum wage through my whole training.

So, today was the second day of waitress training. Which, I'll be honest, sucked. Not because it's a bad job, but because I'm just bored with it. Everyone keeps going, "how do you like it?" And I'm saying, "Yeah, I like it." Which I do. But to be honest, it's SSDW. (Same Shit, Different Walls.) I've waitressed so often in my life, that it's like, "Okay, let's not play these games anymore. Let me start taking tables without someone panting behind me."

This may sound like I'm bitching, and maybe I am, but I never perform my best when someone is hanging over my shoulder. No, I'm not faulting my trainers. They have a job to do, but I have never followed an exact script. We're suppose to go up to people and say, "Hi, my name is _______ and I'll be your server. Our specials today are ________ _________ and _______ our soups are __________ ___________ and ___________. Can I get you something to drink and a nice, hot appetizer? How about some _________ or perhaps some _________"

I don't do that, becase if I have a server do that to me, I would get annoyed. First of all, we never have specials that aren't on the menu, or rarely. If we do have a special that's not on the menu, then I do believe I should tell them what it is, but I think I should ask first. My approach is more like, "Hi, welcome to _________. I'm Darq. Can I get you something to drink while you're looking over the menu?" Then, I read the customers. If they seem open to suggestion, after I get their drink order I may say, "Would you like to start with an appitizer?" Then I vary how I announce the appitizers in different ways. I might say, "I delivered some Ultimate Nachos earlier that look really good!" Or I might say, "We have wonderful Chicken fingers and they just made up a batch of honey mustard dipping sauce." I vary it for good reasons. 1: You get a lot of regulars in this business. If you vary how you say it, then it doesn't look like you're talking from script every day. 2: By tossing in personal kitchen observations, it let's people know I'm not just pushing any old thing, I'm pushing what I feel is to be the best.

Usually, when I return with the drinks and the app plates (If needed) then I play it by ear for the order. I will say one thing and that is that I get drinks fast. That's because of my personal fettish. When I'm a customer, I don't care if it takes you 20 minutes to take my order, as long as I have a drink in front of me. Drop off my soda and say, "I'll be with you when I'm damned well good and ready." And I'll just smile and go, "sounds good to me!"

But, right now I'm trying to stick with the script and not feel like a tard doing so. I mean, my trainer today was great and said she understood completely. And so far, all the "marks" I've gotten have been 1's for all my training. (you get scored on a scale of 1-5, one being the best. It goes, appearance, performance, attitude, helpfulness, and something else, I can't remember.)

The computer, which everyone tells me is the worst part, is the easiest. The last place I worked had a computer too, but it was ancient. (The program running on it was written in 1987) Things weren't organized and there was no way to type in strange instructions. This program has everything organized. If they run out of something, they lock it out of the screen so you can't order it. There is a keyboard screen to type in specific instructions, if you can't find it in the modifier screen. And, it's pretty much self explanitory.

But I'm really looking forward to when I'm on my own. Of course first, I have one last test (after more training, of course *g*) The test is 100 questions. Since I do not do well with written tests, I'm not super eager to take that. But, I guess we'll see. Everyone keeps telling me I'll do fine on it. I hope so. You have to get 85% in order to get your own section. Otherwise, it's back to training. I think I'll cry if that happens.

So, that's pretty much what's going on with me. Dreadfully dull, no?

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