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Am I the only one who's noticed...

That scientists only seem to want to bring back from extinction the really dangerous animals? No one ever seems to say, "Let's bring back this harmless, small dinosaur who ate nothing but plants!" No, they want to bring back the T-Rex (well, evidence is showing now that T-Rex wasn't a killer, but a scavenger, but look at the size of that thing! I'm sure if there wasn't enough road kill, he could stomp on someone easily and have all the pickings he wanted to scavenge.) Or they want to bring back Raptors.

Sabretooth tigers are another example. Everyone seems to be dying to find a way to clone and bring back a sabretooth tiger. For heaven's sake, why? Do you want to stroll out into the back yard one day and find a sabretooth tiger going through your trash, eating your cat, chewing on the neighbors? Okay, I have one neighbor I wouldn't mind if she was eaten, but still...

I'm sure there are lots of nice, gentle herbavoirs that have become extinct as well. And if you're looking for something really big to bring back for the "Wow!" factor, how about a Bronto? Just be sure to give it a big enough area to roam around in. I think Rhode Island will do. While, I'm really not sure we should even be doing this sort-of thing at all, because it's messing around in God's back yard, if we can't stop it, can we at least use some common sense?

I guess bringing back dinosuars really bothers me, because we had nothing to do with them going extinct. It was the cycle of life and their time was over, just like ours will be someday, and another species will rise and take our place. But, if we must try to tamper with bringing extict species back, can we at least concentrait on something that human beings have destroyed? There are several species of animals / plants / etc. that have become extinct due 99% to human stupidity and greed. If you have to bring something back, bring back something we destroyed. Try to create a balance here, don't just go charging after bringing back the big preditors.

I don't care how "cool" it would be to have a "real" Jurassic Park. Do it and we're asking for serious trouble.

And yes, I do watch way too much documentary TV.

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