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I haven't been online much, because of this incredible luck that means the moment I want to go online, cable will die out on me. "We're fixing it."

What is it lately with companies being allowed to say, "We can give you no time in which it will be fixed?" I would never tollerate that from my mechanic, or anyone fixing anything for me. Yet, the cable company can say, "We have no idea how long it will take!" and I have to suck it up.

When I question this, I'm told "Well, the techs can't tell us when it will be fixed!" Now, I would understand if the answer was, "Look, they're looking at the problem right now and until they know what it is, they can't estimate how long it will take to fix, but call in a couple hours if it isn't back on and then we can tell you more." But, they don't do that. Then can never do that. "The techs won't give us an answer."

Last time I checked, people need jobs, right? So, if your techs think they're that wonderful, tell them they damned well better give you an idea of how long it's going to take, once they know what the problem is, and if not, they can polish up their resumes and look elsewhere.

But, aside from that, it's a beautiful Saturday afternoon. My knees are freezing though, for some reason. The rest of me is just fine, but my knees feel like ice.

I have oodles of paperwork to fill out for my new job and a boatload of training. The manager (Michele) kept saying how sorry she was cause i'm so experienced and I have to train. I told her that I rather liked the idea of the training. At least some of it. For two days, I have to work hostess. For two days I have to work kitchen, expiditing food. That makes sense, cause it gives you a good feel for the place.

Amusing note... we have a friend, Clay, who Todd met at work, right after we got married. Okay, on the little shelf above our heater, we have a big picture of Todd's and my wedding. On our coffee table we have our wedding album. Todd and I both wear rings.

Last night he said, "You two aren't married, are you?"

He really thought we just lived together and never officially got married. He claimed he never noticed the pictures before, or our wedding rings.

For some reason, I thought that was funny. I think I know the real reason he thought that thought. Because I kept my maiden name.

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