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Remember the phone call I mentioned Saturday night?

Well, it was about a job. And I missed the manager. So, I called Monday and she went home sick. So, I called today... and I start training Friday.

Another restaurant, which I did want. I may gripe, bitch, and moan about waitressing, but I like it too. I'm not a huge fan of huge corp restaurants, but small family owned ones have their problems too. This place is a compromise. It is a corporation, but they're only in RI and they still have some of the small restaurant attitudes in things I like, as in, they seem to recognize everyone is a human being, not another number. But, they have a corp attitude in other things.

Todd and I go in there all the time and it's within walking distance of the house. I applied there in December and was told they'd call me, they never did. The signs went down right after I filled out my application, so I figured they found someone (s) and didn't need me.

Then, the other day one of the waitresses there asked me if I'm still looking. I said, "Oh yeah." We chatted and I told her how I was restricted by car need to where I could work. Well, she talked to the manager, I talked to the manager, we all played phone tag for a bit and today she told me, "We don't have a whole lot of hours right now, but I'd like to see you here, cause we think you'll be great. So, if you're interested, this is a good way to stick your foot in the door."

Right now, she knows she can give me Saturday evenings and Sunday breakfast and at least one other shift durring the week, but most likely two. I told her that I was pretty sure once I started, if I kept my ears open I could get all the hours I wanted as other waitresses would want time off. As long as I could be flexible, I could find the work. She laughed and said, "You know how it goes, and you're absolutely right. These little girls will beg for hours for the summer, then come in every other day asking for the next day off."

I'm very very very please. And now my stomach can unknot. Ever since I started the phone tag game, my stomach has been churning away and I've gone through a whole bottle of Tums. We're not desperate for the money, but it sure would be nice and would make it so we can ease up a bit.

And, I have to admit that I'm flattered that they're finding the hours for me, just to get me in the door. That says I've made an impression on them all those times I've been in there.

Sooo, I'm in a great mood. Yesterday I got my refund check from the feds too. Not as much as last year, but I didn't work as much either. But, it was a couple hundred dollars. Todd and I spoiled ourselves. I bought him Splinter Cell, because he's been chomping to try that game. I bought Sims Superstar for me. I like it.

But... as we were driving home the "Service Engin" light came on in the car. Oddly, the car isn't running even the slightest bit different, but we made an appointment. I called up my folks a bit worried, but my father said it was probably nothing and to take the car in, of course, but don't worry about it.

Sooo, let me add up today... Got a job +9. (would be a ten if they could garentee me 25+ hours...) Got Sims Superstar +5. Car has trouble -7. In my opinion, that puts the day at a solid 7. Not bad. Oh, and Chrissy, of her own free will, climbed up on the sofa this morning, leaned over and licked my cheek a few times then did soft headbumps. That's good for a +2, so, unless something terrible happens the day is +9.


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