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We're in the Psycho Circus

Okay, I knew my cat Chrissy was psychotic, but now I find out she's psychic as well. And it's scary.

Proof? Psyco? Take my word for it. She regularly runs into my room and bites me on the ankles for no good reason. I will be sitting on the couch, not even touching her, and she'll suddenly leap up and swat at me. Or when I go to the bathroom, minding my own business, she'll manage to get the door open, come in and start hissing at me. She's a psycho kitty.

Proof psychic? Okay, I've been for the most part, trying to ignore her psycho behaivor, but last night, when I came home from work and she started viciously attacking my shoes before I had even taken them off I got fed up. Todd and I went out to grab a bite to eat and while we were eating I mentioned that her psycho behavior worried me.

Now, I will not "get rid" of her. That isn't fair. But I did confess that if I met someone who was weird enough to want her and if I knew they would give her a good home, I'd let them take her. I'm trying so hard with her, but she's just not making it easy. I mentioned that she hasn't shown me an ounce of affection lately, she won't sleep on my bed anymore, she hisses at me, and generally acts like she hates me, unless I'm feeding her.

We came home and she raced up to meet me, rubbed against my legs and purred. When I went to bed, she came in my room, jumped on the bed, did the "pitter-patter" routeen on my comforter and then settled down. I reached to pet her and she bumped my hand a few times, and purred rather loudly. She kept purring while I feel asleep.

Tonight, she's been coming in my room every once in awhile, not to attempt to shread my ankles, but to rub against me and accept a few pats to her head. She's acting like every other well adjusted cat I've ever known. She's acting loving!

The only answer I can think of is that she read my mind. What else could it be?


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