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This is one of those entries where I just ramble pointlessly about ideas I have for writing and complain about WP programs. Boring as hell if you're not interested and I'll probably go way too long too, so I'll be nice and

I've been playing with ideas for a fic in my head. Note I didn't use the term fanfic, this is actually an original idea I have. I just have a couple of issues...

Why do most WP programs have to suck so bad? When I got my first computer I used Word. It was a simple program then and not that hard to set up. Now it seems like when I go into Word, I have to spend hours getting it set up the way I want it. It's hard to explain and I'm probably an idiot, but what I basically look for in a WP is... spellcheck, ability to underline, bold, italics, and... well, that's about it. Maybe some spacing options too. Problem is that Word is way more than what I need and Wordpad just doesn't quite cover it.

I'm probably hugely lazy, but just opening word intimidates me, then when I start fiddling around with it trying to get it to look right as I'm typing... well, it just turns me off. I need a basic WP program that will do what I want and not get too tricky.

My other problem is I need to create another race. Yes, the idea I have is kinda sci-fi, well, if you count that it happens on another planet, it's very sci-fi, but since science and I are on a barely nodding aquaintance, despite all my watching of Discovery Science, trust me, if I get this written, it will be far from a scientific story. As a matter of fact, the actual planet it will be set on will be a lot like... well, to be honest, the USA before all of us non-native Americans came and mucked up the place.

Oddly enough, the idea I'm mucking about with was one I used in a game campaign quite a few years ago, when on a lark, we decided to come up with something totally original. I started working it out then, and while it was a good campaign, there was a story I felt suggested itself in this whole game, that would never work to be gamed out.

So, I have to create this new race. And yes, I created one for the game that people thought was great, but I'm seeing some major flaws I want to work with. I'm also seeing things that might be too cliche about the race, even though I didn't mean them to be that way. Like, for example, their skin was grey. I did that deliberately, so that the humans that landed on this planet could immedietly slang them, "The greys." being kinda a cross between a slur and a joke with people who claim to have been abducted by these grey skinned aliens with huge eyes. The Greys. (Or, Grays, if you prefer. My first grade teacher always made us spell it Grey.)

I think my big insecurity about creating a new race for a real fiction is that I'm afraid people will be too reminded of other races and other cultures, which isn't too surprising. I mean, even the famous Star Trek races are all reminicent of various races of humans. Klingons for example... they started out being sorta like Nazis, then evolved into these kinda Viking Samuri race. *shrugs* Everything leads off something else and all we really know is what we know, right? So, no matter what I do, it's going to remind someone of something, because that's all we know.

One thing I do want to keep in though, is that this race communicates telepathically. But, they aren't mind readers. See? I can't even find a word for it, so how do I explain it in a legitimate fiction? Okay, like we talk with our mouths, they talk with their minds, however, it's not like the idea we think... someone reading someone elses's mind, this is just the way they talk. Your thoughts are still your own unless you share them. I guess the idea is that you have a part of your brain that's used for "communicating." The communication part of your brain has nothing to do with your thoughts part of your brain.

This is the point where people jump in and tell me, "oh, that's been done a million times...." and start listing books where it was done. *g* I've generally found that any idea I might think of has been done to death. Well, I've been saying for years, original thought is like original sin. It was done years ago.

Eh, it's probably a stupid idea anyway. Weirdly though, it's not an idea that I feel is revolutionary. And if I do write it, it's not to "prove" anything or make any statement. Or even set the world on fire. It's more because I have a couple characters in my head that are scratching the inside of my brain to have their story told.

But, I do see where people would think I was trying to make a huge, political statement or make some remarks about relationships, etc. Funny how that works. I wrote a poem once in the eight grade that I thought was pretty neat. My English teacher thought it was about death and wanted me to talk to the guidence councelor. I swear it was not about death. It was about meeting a stranger... but the stranger was not a metaphore for death. Try to convince a hyper English teacher about that.

Anyway, so that's my random, babbling. *shrugs* OKAY WAKE UP NOW, IT'S OVER!

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