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Yes, it's Thursday, isn't it?

Let's see... mail has arrived. No letter. No urgent letter that we must sign right away. Nothing, zip, zero, ziltch, nada.

I don't know what pisses me off more. The fact that I think we're being lead around the block by our short hairs or that obviously Todd's father and sister think we are royal retards and won't figure it out.

I told them when we were married. "I'm not the brightest person when it comes to book knowlege, but I've got some street smarts and a pretty decent bullshit detector."

So, here we sit. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

In the meantime, it's raining here. Good news for Todd, cause it makes the house dark and dreary so he can sleep easier. Bad news for me, cause I have Light Effect Depression. But, yesterday was sunny, so I stocked up.

I finally found a flavor of Eddies icecream I don't like. Ice Cream Sandwich. Strange, because I do like ice cream sandwiches, but I just don't like it.

I got my air topper for my bed the other day. I think I'm going to have to find a matress pad to throw over it, cause it's got this waffle pattern on it and I do feel it when I'm laying on the bed. Other than that, I like it. The bed top is now nice and even instead of sagging where the bedframe folds. I think it was worth the hundred bucks. A lot cheaper than a new bed, I can tell you that much. And, my back does feel better in the morning. Shoulders are still crap for about an hour (I wake up and they're all numb, like they're asleep) but the back is better. And that's a good thing.

I've got a couple of my RPers coming over later to game a bit. This should be fun, I'm looking forward to it. I just need to come up with An Idea, otherwise they'll end up lying on my bed playing Pokemon yellow again. Heh, I'm just glad you can't use the Super NES for Sapphire, or else they'd be playing that instead.

Oh for everyone who spoke out in favor of the rolling litter box? Thank you. I absolutely adore it. It's so easy to operate. Twice a week I do pop open the lid and do a hand scooping through all the litter for stuff that might have been missed, but twice a week vs. twice a day, is a whole lot better. Our kitchen smells 100% better. In fact, one of my gamers hates the smell of catbox, I mean really hates it and he said he could barely smell it, only when he was near the refrigerator. That makes me feel good, cause trust me, I hate having the litter boxes in the kitchen, but it's the only room we really can keep them.

We still have the box with the clay litter working too, because Her Magesty, Christmas doesn't wish to rest her hinder in the other box. Also, she has a habbit with the other box of crawling in head first, sticking her butt out of the hole she entered enter and crapping on the floor. Then, when she leaps out, she stares in disgust like, "Oh my god, look at this! Someone just crapped on the floor! Dis-gusting!"

Goten won't use the clay litter box. So, this gives Chrissy her own box to use. Of course, I still have to empty that out, but she's a lot neater. I just use a very thin layer of litter and empty it once a day. She's happy, I'm happy, Goten is happy.

But, if they start making those rolling boxes in a larger size, I'll replace the clay box with another roller. That'll fix her wagon.


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