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Today's winner of the "Shut the fark up" award goes to...

Walter Cronkite

Okay, you had me for awhile, Walter. Your concern for the environment is touching and I almost believed you, although I was having a little bit of trouble imagining how windmills were going to be a terrible hazzard to marine life. Yes, we might have a few birds get maimed if they went flying into the mill blades, but that seemed like a pretty low risk and let's face it, if you're a bird and you're too stupid to stay away from something that's anchored to one place and spinning blades around, then you've been born with the crazy gene and something is going to get you anyway, like a high-jumping cat. You were born doomed from the get go.

But, like I said, I was willing to say, "Gee, Darq, you don't know much about anything, he probably knows more about this than you do, so until you learn more about this, don't form an opion."

Then I read on.
Stressing his support for alternative, renewable energy, Cronkite insisted though that there must be other places better suited for such a project. ...
"It seems to me, it would be advantageous to the energy people (Cape Wind) to put it in an area where it would not interfere with anything, and get constant wind.
"There must be other locations to make that possible without destroying a natural asset like Nantucket Sound," the retired newsman said yesterday from his CBS office in New York.
I'm not god, but that whole thing smacks to me of, "I'm in favor of doing something, but not if it might ruin my precious view cause I'm farking rich and I deserve God's finest scenery."

Sorry, I ain't buying it. I'm betting if they decided they wanted to build one of these wind farms in the lake around here, that Walter would be all for it. Cause you know, then only the blue collar and poor folks would have to look at it. And you know how that goes. If the wind farm is bad for the environment, I doubt it makes a whole lot of difference where it's put. If it's going to hurt fish, it will hurt them in Nantucket Sound, it will hurt them in Walden pond, it will hurt them in Lake Michigan. So, get off the fence, at least. Either you're for it or you're against it, make up your mind.

At least be honest. Come out and admit that the impact on the environment is not nearly the issue as the impact on your property values and your pretty scenery.

You know, I hate it when famous people use their status to try to get the rest of us "stoopid cattle" to align to their vision.
Quotes taken from The Cape Cod Times. Article originally published January 2003. Further information about the proposed project can be found here

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