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Todays stupid ramblings.

It will be time to go to the grocery store soon, so I can pick up food for tonight. My group is coming over, or at least a few of them to do some gaming. I miss the days when we all could make it, but eh, it seems that adulthood is catching up to too many of us. Not me, thankfully. I don't think I'll ever be a real adult.

So, I have to pick up food for all of us to pick at. Funny, in my late teens when I ran groups, the most important thing to have was dope. Dope and food. What type of food wasn't important. You smoke a couple joints and you'll eat sawdust mixed with rancid butter and think it's the best thing you ever ate in your life. I remember durring one session we found a box of cereal that was like five years old and we ate it. It's a wonder little moths didn't fly from it.

I didn't smoke pot for too long in my life. It got to the point where I debated the wisdom of finding my hand the most fascinating thing in the world and thought that something that would make me find my hand the most fascinating thing in the world wasn't doing my brain any good. So, I gave it up. Can't say I really missed it either. In fact, it was kindof a relief not to deal with it anymore. I don't think it made us more creative, it just made us game stupidly and think we were brilliant.

Then in our 20's, it was beer. Beer and crunchy things. It wasn't a good game without beer. Which, made the games get kinda loud. That was the days when we used to go outside and do kinda a larp thing too. We also almost got arrested for that a couple times. People have no sense of humor when you start discussing how you're going to assasinate the president.

Then we were in our 30's and it became coffee. It still is coffee for some folks. Rarely for me, because I don't drink coffee as part of my everyday life so coffee is like Really Really Good Stuff for me. Get me a doubleshot of starbucks and I can talk for 20 minutes straight about absolutely nothing. And we started wanting better food. Like pizza.

Now most of us are in our late 30's, early 40's and it's coffee, soda, bottled water, maybe wine... maybe on the wine. And if it is brought, it's like one glass per person most folks passing it over. I love wine. I love the smell, I love the color, I love to hold a wine glass in my hand. I adore holding a good glass of wine up to the light and seeing how it shines. Yes, I'm fascinated by wine.

Only thing is I can't stand the damned taste. So, if it is a night for wine, I can make one glass last me forever. I just kinda hold it and spin it, and sniff it and use it as a prop. One time I got carried away using it as a prop and crushed the glass in my hand, because I was playing Alexander Lucard and he was mighty pissed. That was a fun night, we ended up picking glass shards out of my hand. Before you start thinking I'm incredibly strong woman, let me assure you, the wine glasses we were using that night were paper thin. It was such a beautiful set of glasses too. I think I have one left somewhere. Originally it was a set of 16, which tells you these glasses were a disaster waiting to happen.

The food has gotten better too. Now I usually pick up sandwich stuff. Roast beef, ham, cheese, that sort of stuff and we make sandwiches.

In some ways, gaming has gotten more expensive for me. Yeah, I know, dope isn't that cheap, but when I was younger, it seemed like everyone else brought the dope over. The beer too. But now that it's real food that's our love, I usually end up providing it.

But, I am going to make cupcakes. Because that's the one thing that hasn't seemed to go out of fashion. Cupcakes can almost always make the gaming session.

So, I've made a list. The only thing that's up in the air is if I'm going to buy ready made cupcakes or buy cake mix and make them myself. I like mix ones better myself, but it's raining and I'm feeling a little lazy today.

Kitty update. Goten hasn't pitched a fit in a very long time. I realized this when I saw the fit blanket has a layer of dust on it. He's growing up. But, Chrissy still won't allow him near her. The other day she was lying on the bed and Goten leaped up and started to settle down next to her. She drew herself up a bit and stared at him. He looked at her. She stared harder, not moving a muscle, just staring at him.

After a bit, Goten slunk over to the other side of the bed.

Chrissy resumed grooming herself. Keep in mind Goten is a much bigger cat that Chrissy. In fact, shoulder to shoulder, Goten probably towers a good 2-3 inches over Chrissy. But she shot him away with Her Evil Eyes.

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