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Thanks to the wonder of video tape, I've conveted another member of my gaming group into a Monster Garage watcher. Let's see, my my first victim was my husband, second a girl friend... yeah, the list goes on. What can I say? I just like seeing people take a perfectly ordinary vehicle and convert it into something else. It kinda fills an inner need inside of me. "Oh yeah car? Well, the next time you break down, I'm donating you to the Discovery Channel and suggesting they turn you into a giant toaster! "

The only problem I see with this is that I'm betting at this rate, someone will suggest we somehow fit Jesse James into our gaming world, which will make me mighty uncomfortable, because he's a real person, not an actor playing someone he's not. I feel weird enough using KISS in our games. And even weirder, I'll be expected to play him, cause I've such a damned gift.

But, what scares me even more is wondering what cracked ideas this group will come up with that their characters should do to get on the TV show. I'm envisioning turning SUV's into wheat thrashers or something equally as silly.

I do like the show though. I'm such a Discovery Channel freak.

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