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Does shampoo cause brain damage?

I have this cat... his name is Goten and he's a vicious little brat, but he's mine and I love him. Besides, the claw marks all over my body make great conversation starters and he really is getting better.

Come summer, we will have had him for two years. While that isn't an eternity, you'd think there would be few things about us that would startle him and vice versa.

You would be wrong.

I have long hair. Long, red/brown hair to be specific, but the color doesn't matter. What matters is that my hair is long. However, it has been long for a very long time. It has grown until it's about half way down my back and that's where it stays. It's been this length the entire time I've had Goten.

Well, a day or so ago, Mr. Brilliant Kitty finally noticed that I have long hair. And, finally that amazing walnut sized brain of his finally made the fantastic connection... Hey, it's long... when she moves, it moves... great Kitty in the sky, it's a giant cat toy!

Now, because my apartment is so huge, my desk is right near my bed. In fact, I have to move the chair to get to my bed. So, Goten can sit on the edge of my bed and get access to my back.

Which means he gets access to my hair.

Which means that while I'm typing this, he's going from one end of the bed, rushing down to the end, leaping on my back and snagging my hair with his claws, chewing on it, yanking it, and in general, having himself a grand old time.

And every time I yell at him, he gives me a look like, "WHAT?"

I only have a few scratches on my back. And he hasn't snagged my head yet. But this is getting really annoying. It's not just when I'm on the computer too. In the evenings, before he goes to work, my husband and I usually sit in the living room and talk or watch a little TV. I have a habbit of putting my elbow on the arm of the sofa and my head in the palm of my hand... which means my hair is dangling off the edge of the couch. Another thing I've been doing long before we got Goten.

Well, now, my hanging hair is just too much. He'll be in the kitchen, doing god only knows what, probably planning my demise, and suddenly he'll run out, leap, grab a mouthfull of my hair and swing on it, while attempting to get his little paws up around my head so he can sink his claws into my flesh for a better grip.

The end results of this is that my hair is starting to look like... well, a cat chewed on it. And, I've got cat spit in it. Oh sure, I can take showers and I do, but soon enough he'll be at it again.

And my husband finds this extremely funny.

His hair is getting a bit long... maybe I'll keep finding excuses for him not to get it cut. I think the joy of being a human cat toy is something that is best shared.

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