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And todays, "Poke you in the eye with a sharp stick" award goes to the Ad council!

I watch a lot of Discovery channel. Why? Because it's interesting. But, lately, I'd love to take the TV set and throw it through the window.

Why, you ask? Because of this wonderful little commercial the ad council has decided to drop on us since 9/11, meant to forge a sense of freedom, belonging, and gosh darn it, America is a nifty place to live with all these people with such diverse backgrounds, and if we'd all just get together and toss around some sunshine, lollypops and a few furry kittens we'd all be living in total bliss.

This is all fine and good, but how they chose to bring this message across is for Americans of every ethinic origin and most of them clearly only having been in this country for a very short time, to tell us, "I'm an American!" It starts out pretty softly. Teenage girls all cute and quiet (so unlike 90% of the teenager girls I ever met!) and eventually escalates into people who think us watching TV are stone deaf, because they are screaming at the top of their lungs, "I AM AN AMERICAN!" (Or, sometimes you get the, "I am America!" just for variation... which is pretty funny, cause the last time I checked, America is not a bald Chinese guy wearing a headband... it's a large continent.)

At first it was a nice ad, and I felt it had some merit, but you know? It's been playing for well over a year now, and like I said, in it's full glory, it's a double commercial, which is one blasted minute of people screaming at me I AM AN AMERICAN!"

Since the last time I checked, I happen to be one too, I don't see why this is supposed to move me to tears. Instead it reminds me that maybe other countries are right in thinking us "Americans" are a rather loud and obnoxious bunch of folks.

And let me tell ya, I think they went out of their way towards the end of this commercial to find folks who have no clue how to speak. You know how some voices are nice on the ears and others sound like they want to scrape the eardrums? Well, towards the end, these folks are eardrum scrapers.

And let's not even go to where my brain likes to jump, which is the fact that we in the USA are so full of snot sometimes we think we're America. Last time I checked, Canada and Mexico weren't exactly turning cartwheels over this war and they could scream just as loudly, "I AM AN AMERICAN!" too, because (here's a shocker, fellow statesiders... they are!) We are Americans, but we are not all of America. There is more to America than the United States. We just snag the name all to ourselves because we were stupid enough to pick too long a name to abreviate easily. The United States doesn't lend itself to simple names. "I'm a United States of American!" Shame on us for being so into ourselves that we had to come up with a sentence rather than a name.

I have a habbit of falling asleep with the TV on because it makes the house less quiet and me less jumpy. (It's not easy falling asleep in an empty place sometimes and the noise and having something to focus on while I'm drifting off is a lot easier than lying in a quiet room thinking about that axe murderer who wants to kill you.) Well, every time that commercial comes on it wakes me up it's so damned loud.

It's been on way too long and has gone way beyond serving its purpose and right into the land of the totally obnoxious and rude.

And that's todays rant.

The opinions expressed in my rants are mine and mine alone. You are free to agree/disagree with them. You are even free to tell me I'm full of it in a comment or an email. However, if you get rude and disrespectful of me, your comment will be deleted. It's my journal.

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