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He's a teenager now. (Crossposted in Cattales)

Goten is a teenager. He's about two years old, which is like 15 in cat years or something like that. But I know he's a teenager, just by his attitude.

He still likes to beat up on the old cats. He calls it play, they call it TERRIBLE TORTURE! And yes, I see their point. Being sound asleep and having a cat that outweighs them by about five pounds leap on their heads cannot be fun.

Every morning about nine o'clock, he runs into the kitchen and scares himself. Yes, if you go into the kitchen, he'll be prowling around, his tail all puffy, doing that crab walk. There is nothing scary in the kitchen. It is the same as it was a minute ago, but the only difference is it's 9:00, which is Goten's "Scared time!" He's obviously tapped into the cat equivilent to watching horror movies.

If you show him affection and he's not in the mood, he gives you this look of disgust as if to say, "I can't believe you're doing this, Mooooom, I'm not a little kid anymore!"

Yet, when he wants love and affection, you'd better drop everything you're doing and give it to him, or else he'll bite your feet.

He's not quite ready to admit he's no longer a kitten. We have a little boarder running around the top of the shower, about a five inch clearace. When he was younger, this was no problem. Now that he's a big cat, he has to flatten his body and slink along it. It does not look like fun for him. Still, he'll do it every once in awhile, and I'm convinced it's just to prove to himself he can do it. He seems pretty happy when he can back away into the safety zone.

The fits have subsided too. The "time out" hallway isn't used as much anymore. And I don't have nearly the scratches and bitemarks I used to. I still keep the blanket I use to wrap him in when he's fitting nearby, but it's been folded up for awhile. Not too long ago, it was never folded, because I had to grab it at least once a day.

I haven't had to give him a tranq for a long time.

I'm starting to see where he might become a reasonable adult cat, given time.

Chrissy still thinks we should give him away. To anyone.

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