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If you watch a lot of the discovery civilization channel, which I do, you will discover...

That our history is full of blood, violence, and enormously cruel acts to other human beings, all done for the name of "God" "country" or some other such crap.

I understand that you might feel that killing someone would be best for all concerned, but no, you did not have to drill holes in the person first or flay the skin off their bones. Dead is dead.

We've come a lot further than it seems sometimes.

If you watch a lot of the forensic programs, you learn...

If your husband wants to leave you, don't every threaten him with a costly divorce! he will kill you. He'll be caught because he'll make a terrible mistake, but it won't matter, cause you'll still be dead. Instead, say, "Okay, if that's the way you feel..." and get the hell out of there.

One of these forensic shows was great. They talked about all the sophisticated ways they use to catch murderers and then this guy dresses up in a white labcoat and starts beating a bloody sponge with a blunt intstrument to test splatter points. It's practical, it's smart, but I'm sorry, it's not really "sophisticated." Then again, neither is bludgening someone to death.

Goten likes the nature channel. He leaps up and bangs his head against the TV screen every time birds chirp on it.

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