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I cherish the weirdest things.

I have a tape of a Kiss Tribute band doing the Pokemon Theme song. Yes, I do. And I love that tape half to death. It was done for me by a band that has since disbanded, but they made it because when I was fainting all the time and we didn't know what was wrong, I went to see them one night and jokingly said, "If Kiss wants to be popular, they should have offered to do the theme song for Pokemon!" and then I said I'd pay good money to hear it, and the next thing I know it, I got the tape with them singing it.

I would love to convert it to MP3 and share it with the world, but I made a serious promise to these guys that I would never allow the world at large to hear it. So I listen to it once in awhile and laugh my ass off, cause even though I know it isn't the real KISS singing, "I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was..." I picture the real KISS in my mind. Ofcourse, Gene Simons would change the words to "I know I am the very best that no one ever was..." but that's just me.

I also have a badly recorded tape of my dad singing "Sixteen Tons" to me, that I got by holding a microphone up to the phone, because I have the Verizon answering service and that was the only way I knew how to keep it.

Now, let's see what else i have in this weird drawer of things I will not throw away. I have a pair of jeans that are a size 7. Yes, there was a time in my life that I wore size 7 jeans. Acutally, there was a time when I wore size 5 jeans, but these were cut small for jeans. But, I don't keep them to remind me of when I was skinny and beautiful, I keep them because when I was in college, I would remember weird things that friends of mine said, then embroider them on the jeans. I'm not kidding, all over the jeans are crazy things people have said, a lot done in a cross word type pattern as I ran out of room.

Examples of brilliance on said jeans. "Crazy people are nuts." and "Why, I love you too, now are you going to eat those fries?" Maybe to you they don't sound brilliant, but there's a story behind each one of those things and since some of them were said by people who are now dead, it's like the only thing I have from them. A few words and memories.

No, this entry is going nowhere and I know it. But I'm just doing some mental sorting.

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