September 4th, 2010

aww, fearce, cute

I really wish I could figure this one out...

*Yes, it's me. More reason why I'm updating here at the end of this.

People often give me grief about shopping at WalMart. Apparently, it's the evil empire and I'm actually down with that. Evil empires have a right to exist, and besides, not every evil empire can save you .15 cents a can on catfood.

But, there's another reason. WalMart is often a mental amusement park. I think I've had more moments of amusement, confused amusement, and out and out glee at the things I see/smell/and mostly overhear.

Today is a good example.

I was visiting Mom at the rehab place. (Mom is not doing well. We'll leave it at that for now) On my way home, I stopped at WalMart because I needed some loose fitting, comfortable clothing, some cat food, and some puppy pee pads (Chrissy, in her old age, has completely given up on using litterboxes for anything other than taking naps in. She will, however, use puppy pee pads. Since she's old, we figure we'll indulge her on this one) and coffee for Todd, who is one cranky SOB if he doesn't have his coffee.

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