August 5th, 2008


Cat toys and being cool

Finally, it's cool enough that I feel I can sit down at my computer for more than five minutes or so. We've had some roasting weather this summer, and even though my computer is in a well ventilated room, it still seemed to heat up the room so bad that I just didn't want to use it too often, for fear the room would become unbearable, especially when it came time to sleep.

But, tonight is cool enough.

So, I've been working on the cat toy design instead. And, I'm getting really near to needing test subjects for it. I already have one, you may know about this one, It's Sparta from the "mean kitty" song. I figured if I was going to come up with a toy that can handle tough cats, Sparta would be a very good test to do it on, because a lot of folks have heard of the cat.

But, that's one cat and while that one cat is good for rep, I still need some other testers to see if I've got it, or if I have to tweek it. This is when I turn to Live Journal.

Anyone feel their cat is brutal on many cat toys and want to test a toy to see if it will hold up to your cat? I'm willing to send you one of the toys. It's a dangling type toy, that will have interchangeable toys to put on the end of it.

The handle is wood that's been sanded and covered with 3 coats of polyurethane. Some have even been stained, but most are a light color. The stick is 18" long in most cases, but I did make a few that were 24" long. It's a 1/2" diameter. This is a very difficult stick to break accidentally, so I figure it'll hold up to almost any accident or rough play from a cat. Then, I've wrapped the holding end of it in a cloth tape so you can hold it tighter and so it'll be more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time. I've been testing it for weeks. It's only meant for supervised play, not to be left around unattended.

I need about ten people to test it for me, I figure.

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So, hopefully I'll be sending these out to testers soon.

But right now? The bed calls. And calls hard. It's actually cool enough that I feel sleeping will be an easy master to follow tonight.