August 9th, 2005

Demon Kitty


Just in case anyone was thinking of trying this? I would strongly not recommend you let your cats eat play-doh. I never knew cats would even want to eat play-doh, but apparently, some cats do. Or, maybe it's just my cats that want to eat play-doh. The green flourescent kind.

Unless, of course, you like to clean up what looks like radioactive puke from all over the kitchen. In that case, then please, feed your cats all the play-doh they want. I on the other hand, am not amused with glow in the dark vomit. It doesn't look very festive when tossed about the freshly washed kitchen floor.

Since I care, I share

After writing about my lovely cats and their latest antics in the form of eating play-doh and then returning it to me in a most delightful manner, it occurred to me that I should have really shared the joy that is my cats with all of you, via modern technology. But alas, I had forgotten and cleaned it up.

But my cats, never ones to want to let their Mommy down, must have read my mind and decided that yes, they would make sure I got a second chance.

So... here it is.

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