June 8th, 2005

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Went for my walk today. The most unusual thing I saw? A kid's little red wagon filled with Kelbasa. I'm not kidding. It was still in it's packages too, just sitting out on the lawn.

It wasn't in bags, which would have told me someone had taken the little red wagon to do their shopping and hadn't quite gotten around to bringing it in the house. It was 8:00 in the morning and no grill in sight, which tells me this wasn't being planned for a BBQ. It was just a wagon full of Kelbasa, sitting on a front lawn.

There was also a car in the driveway and this was a single family home, so this rather indicates that the wagon is not what someone uses to transport their groceries because they must walk to the store.

And, even if that was true, why would someone buy an entire wagon load of Kelbasa?

I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, but that didn't stop me from flirtting with the idea of knocking on the door of the house and asking what that explanation was. I didn't do it, but I sure thought about it.

I need to make new icons. God knows I can have more icons now than I'll ever use.

I also need to figure out how to use the photo storage too.

Open letter to the higher power.

Dear God,

I have known for years that hot weather cannot make a human being melt. Everyone I personally know realizes that hot weather cannot make a human being melt.

Quit trying to prove it to us, okay? It's only June for your sake. If you make it this hot now, what are you going to do for August?

Unless, of course, you are really trying to melt humans. Not a bad idea. Then you can start out again with creatures who are more gentle, and more caring of each other and the rest of the world's creatures. Like badgers.

However, if you are planning on wiping out the human race, be somewhat merciful. Just send down the fire from the sky and have it all be over in seconds. None of this slow cooking. Cause you know... it really sucks.
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its worth it.

MLP Fans? Uhm... help?

I know I have people on my friends list who are My Little Pony fans. I know they exist...

I sorta promised someone I'd give a whirl at making a Sims2 My Little Pony, girls bedroom set. I did this ignorantly of course, thinking that finding MLP graphics on the net would be easy.

I've searched Google. I've found sites that have graphics. Most of these sites though, are positively paranoid about anyone even looking at their graphics. "I spent HOURS scanning these, they are MINE MINE MINE! Don't breath on them, 'kay?" I didn't realize that scanning artwork automatically meant it no longer belonged to the creators, but now belongs to you instead...but I don't want to risk the wrath of the Pony People to be honest. These people mutilate MLP's to make other custom MLP's. If they will happily rip the heads off of that which they claim to love, I'd hate to see what they'd do to someone who even thought about using their precious scanned pictures. *g* (But, in all fairness, after reading about customizing MLP's, it makes me almost want to try it. It does look like fun.)

Throw that on top of the fact that most of this artwork sucks quality wise, and I have a problem... so, does anyone know where I can get some decent MLP artwork? I'm not talking about fan created artwork. I'd never use that stuff unless I had permission. I'm talking about scans from books, screen captures, whatever. Just stuff that's fairly clear that I can use to make bedding and things like that.

Oh, and in the "Tard" news... Goten fell asleep on top of my desk. My desk is one of those cabinets that you can close up when you're not on the computer, so it does have a top that's about 5 feet up in the air. So, that's where Goten decided to nap.

He also rolled over and fell off the thing.

And, instead of pretending I didn't see it, so he could save his dignity, I laughed my ass off. He's now sitting in the window ledge giving me the Cat Stare of Death. I keep snorting and going, "Doesn't matter, you still fell off the desk, you dumb dork!"

If I disappear, you'll know, Goten killed me.
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