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Best line I've heard in awhile.

We went out to grab a quick bite to eat tonight, cause we had to go food shopping. And, I make it a rule never shop when I'm hungry, because I end up buying weird stuff.

Anyway, when we came out of the restaurant, there was a young boy. I can't make a fair guess to his age, cause by size, I'd say he was 12 -14, but he had such a baby face, he could have been 10 or 11. Well, I think the kid was waiting for someone to come out from the restaurant, probably dad getting take out or mom and sibs in the ladies room. And it was cold out, so he was kinda hopping up and down, hands stuffed in his pocket to keep them warm.

The problem was that he was hopping up and down on some ice, so as we were heading to the car, he slipped and fell forward.

I turned around and rushed over. Normally, boys from about that age, unless i know them, I find obnoxious and difficult to approach, but I'm not a bastard either. So, I helped the kid up. He had a couple scrapes on his face, but seemed all right. Still, being the concerned person I am I said, "Are you all right?"

To which, he smiled, wiping the tiny bit of blood from one of the scratches off his face, grinned, and said, "Oh yeah, I'm great, I broke the fall with my face!"

Only someone who's young and has body and bones made of rubber could say that so seriously and cheerfully. God I miss those days.

As we were getting in the car, he was back to jumping up and down on the ice again, hands stuffed back in his pockets.

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