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The stuff for my brother arrived today for Christmas. This was the last of it, so the only thing I have left to do is to pick up some things for Todd's stocking that my mother asked me to buy and pick up a gift card for my nephew, who has a birthday right around Christmas, so I always end up having to get him two things.

This is really good news, trust me.

And I ordered two shirts for myself, cause I needed them, but they sent one as a 3X (I wear XL) And, it's a color I don't like after all, but it should fit my sister in law just great if she hasn't lost a lot of weight and it will look good on her, so it turned out better in the long run. I wasn't sure how I was going to scrape up enough money to buy her something else and now I don't have to! I can get by with the one shirt.

Goten stuck his paw into the water I was boiling for pasta. I've never heard a cat scream so loudly in my life. While I was tempted to yell, "Well, that's your own stupid fault!" I grabbed him, wrestled him, and managed to put ice on the paw. You can't even tell he did it. The paw looks normal and he's walking on it fine. Until he sees me, then he limps around like his leg is killing him.

I wonder if I should call the vet or not. Like I said, there are no blisters on the paw, no discoloration either. But what a messed up animal.

Chrissy keeps giving him these nasty looks every time he starts limping around her. She's a great cat, she really is.

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