December 26th, 2004

Eye Candy

The lights! The lights!

I'm taking care of a deaf cat this week. The cat, who is white and blue eyed, belongs to my landlord's boyfriend. Her name is Angel and she really is a sweet cat.

I'm taking care of her at her own place, so I visit once or twice a day. Today I went up earlier in the day and never saw her. I cleaned her box, changed her water dish, made sure she had food, and never saw hide nor hair of her. And she's usually a pretty friendly cat.

Tonight I went for the second time, and she came running out to greet me. And then it hit me... I had turned on the light. Like other cats use their ears to tell when someone comes home, Angel uses her eyes. Light going on in the kitchen means someone has returned.

She really is a sweet cat. She came running out and rubbed up against me for several minutes, marking me with her scent so I could take it home with me and have my cats hate me for it. My cats like to think they are the Only Cats In The World and having me bring home the scent of another rather shatters their illusions. But, I really wonder if she's as deaf as everyone thinks, because as I was petting her, an ambulance went by and she stopped, cocked her head towards the window and sorta winced like, "Don't like the noise!" I didn't think about it when it first happened, because my cats do that all the time. They hate loud peircing noises. But, as I was walking home, I'm thinking, "Wait a moment, why should she care, she's supposed to be stone deaf!"

But, either way, I'm glad she's a nice cat. Because I have to walk up five flights of stairs to take care of her. It would be awful if she was a miserable mine are.

Christmas was really nice this year. Peaceful. I got a lot of neat stuff, including two cordless phones. *g*
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