May 11th, 2004

wha wha what?  / what the hell / menchi


I really don't care if people want to hang out at the park. It's a hot, summer day and the park is a perfect place to hang out.

However, must these people... who I strongly suspect are under age, insist on smuggling beer in and throwing their half empty cans around the place? There is a huge SIGN on the park saying alcohol is forbidden, but that doesn't stop these morons.

It wasn't so bad at first... I just was picking up cans as I found them and throwing them away, not a hard task, considering there is a trash can every hundred feet or so. But, when I was on my last lap, some dumb half drunk girl guzzles down a can of beer, tosses it over her shoulder, and hits me as I'm walking by. And the stupid can was still about 1/3 full of beer. And her vile, evil, backwash, I'm sure.

Now I reek of beer. And it's not even good beer. It's some cheap crap in a blue tin can.

And the bimbo who hit me? Her opinion was, "Wow, lookie what I did!" *Belch, belch, giggle, giggle,*

At least one of her slightly less cocked friends said something that might have been, "Sorry." Of course, it might have also been, "How dare you get in our way when we're illegally drinking, you dumb jerk," but I live in fantasy land and I'll believe it was "Sorry."

I hate people.
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