May 8th, 2004

its worth it.


Well, the walk was today. The park where it happened is beautiful. However, getting there is a pain in the butt and leaving is even worse. You have to go through two major downtown shopping districts to get to it, and the road is one lane. Even at 8:00 on a Saturday morning, we had to wait for several rotations of the light before we could get through. Coming home was even more fun. I feel sorry for the folks who live in the towns. Beautiful places, but it must be hell to know that if you want to go anywhere, it will take you forever.

The walk itself was... well, good and bad. I mean, the actual walk was beautiful. There were some problems with how the whole operation was run, from the folks from the AHA to Curves itself, which seemed to be in desperate need of a bit more organization. Next year before I agree to do any of this, I'll either find out what's going on, or I'll ask if I can be of some help to the team coordinator for "our" Curves and actually help by organizing people, arranging where to meet, etc.

The worst part of it all though, was entirely on my side, body is my worst enemy and it decided today would be the bestest time in the whole wide world to have me get my period. And not only that, but it decided this should be one of those ones that just makes me feel sluggish, icky, bloated, and overly sensitive, so either I wanted to cry at every flower I saw, or throw up violently if someone's dog decided to do his business. And everyone and their uncle brought their dogs on this walk. I give people credit, everyone cleaned up after their dog, and all dogs were well behaived.

I did get to see some neat birds though. And even a loon diving about in the water.

I will write more about it tomorrow. Right now, even though five miles is cake for me, thanks to my period, I'm just wiped out. By the time we got done with the walk and got home... (it took longer to get home... what should be by distance a half hour drive, than the entire event took.) I will write a better account of it tomorrow.

I'd do it again... but I hope that next year they pick an area that's a little easier for massive crowds to get in and out of. There is a state park much nearer to the house that is right off a major highway, that would have been much better to handle the traffic.

Thanks again to all of you who donated. You guys are the best. I'm supposed to get the T-shirt mailed to me by June.

More tomorrow... for now, bed... must sleep... tired.
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