May 4th, 2004

My brain hurts

You know what? I hate paypal

To the person who donated through paypal for me to walk...

I'm sorry, but unless I'm willing to update to a premere account, I cannot accept credit card payments, so I have to decline. I'm sorry. When I went to the site to check this out, they said for donations, I could do this, I didn't have to have a premer account. But, I guess that isn't exactly true, or else I misunderstood something.

I absolutely refuse to give Paypal access to my bank accounts. I tried that once and they made a bunch of stupid little deposits, then withdrew money and screwed up my bank account, even though I'd made absolutely no transactions with them This was just supposedly to "confirm" my account.

So, to anyone who was considering using paypal to donate... I'm sorry. Unless it's a cash donation, I can't accept it. I feel like such a jerk for even starting this. *Sighs*

And to the four people who went to the official AHA page and made donations using their site... thank you again. I know that's a lot for a site to ask for a "donation" and I really appreciate that you were willing to do it. Bless you.

So... just ignore any of the paypal stuff I talked about before. And again, I'm sorry. I feel like such an ass.
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