March 12th, 2004

Evil I tell you!


For those who remember... those creepy people did not come in at all this week. Hopefully, they've forgotten allll about me and found another victim.

Work was a big bust today. We were busy for about one rotation, then it just died. I got to fill up over 500 little cups with tartar sauce. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate lent? Now you know why. Tartar sauce on Friday...

I now smell like mayo, relish, and tabasco sauce. I changed at work into my workout clothes and went over to Curves. Worked out. Woman came in and started working out next to me. About half way around the circut, she goes, "I keep smelling fish and chips!"

I'm turning a hundred shades of red. "uh, that's from me!"

Walked home. Cut through the park. It was snowing and windy. Finally got home. Cats have been following me around the house ever since, trying to lick me. I swear I must have the reek of tartar sauce and fish and chips sunk into my pores.

I need to finish my walk. After that, it's a long, hot, shower for me. Maybe I can get rid of this stench. I sure hope so.
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