December 27th, 2003

Oh boy!

Need a scarf?

Shameless promotion time...

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The Christmas entry...

Not that anyone really cares, but Christmas was... well pretty good. Holidays make me tense as a snake, I admit it. I am not fond of my brother, and I will admit, that I have a tendency to want to jump down his throat every time he opens his mouth. And, I admit, that I'm very oversensitive to him. Reasons for that? He's a walking time bomb and therefore, my family tiptoes around him.

But... considering everything it went okay. I'm not keen on the attitude floating around that if my niece wants to get rid of her cat because she's having a baby, it doesn't matter. But the problem is that if I express that viewpoint, I'm given that look that says, If you had kids, you'd understand... My mother still believes that all cats have the potential to kill babies. I believe that there are doors on most apartments for a good reason, and that is so you can lock a cat out of a babies room.

Thousands of people have lived with both cats and babies for thousands of years. It is not impossible to work out, it just takes some work. And yeah, maybe I'm oversensitive, but I hate it when people decide that cats are the "disposable" pet, that can easily be gotten rid of as soon as it becomes annoying. Your average housecat lives for 14 years, and can live even longer... like 20 years. So, before you get a kitten, think of where you expect your life to be in 20 years. If you can't deal with having a child and a cat, and you think babies are in your future, then for god's sake, don't get a fucking cat. End of story.

*Leaps off soapbox*

But, other than that, it went pretty well. Got some good gifts, including a pair of good walking sneakers and a MP3 player that plays compact discs, that actually has a decent skip protection (200 seconds) I got some clothes too. Not that I needed any, but my mother got me this flannel shirt with a red sweater to go over it, that I really like. I only got one turtleneck too! I don't quite have the heart to tell my mother that in the last few years, I've started hating turtlenecks. I don't like the feeling of material on my neck.

I got two Wal*Mart gift cards, which I'm looking forward to spending... Todd wants Terminator 2. (He got 1 and 3 for Christmas) so I think that's on the list.

I gave everyone but my dad gift cards. My brother and sister in law just bought a house and I know they need so much stuff, but I had no clue what they needed... so they got a Wal*Mart card. So did my niece, because I wasn't sure what she wanted... or if she needed stuff for the baby. As I said, "Save it if you have to... never know when you'll need diapers after the baby is born and if you're broke, it's nice to know you've got 30 dollars worth of diapers and powder if you need it." My mother and nephew, I got Boarders gift certificates. Both of them are readers.

Dad I got a large print road atlas for and one of those snake lights. I was good this year and got the batteries for the snake light. He took it out of the box and put the batteries in. Those things are really pretty nifty, the way they will coil around just about anything.

My nephew got my dad one of those micro remote control cars. After Christmas dinner, Dad played with it on the table. Yeah, Dad's a big kid at heart. He loves his toys.

I got socks and underwear too. It's just not Christmas without socks and underwear, you know?

We also got some cash... some of which I'm using to go to Dick's next week and buying myself a pair of Thorlo walking socks. I keep hearing that for walking they are the best things in the world... and since I've upped my walking distances significantly, socks have become this obsession with me. I'm having blister problems, and these are supposed to help with the blisters. They're expensive too, but I've also been reading about people who have owned pairs of them for 8 years and they are still going strong. Gotta figure that the life of an average sock is about a year. If these last for 8, it's still a bargain. And if they can stop the blisters even better.

Oh yeah... I weighed myself at my parents place. I can't say I'm a 190lb fat slob anymore. I am a 179 1/4lb fat slob. *g* Now, I'm not sure how much of this is from the walking... because the last time I had weighed myself was probably this summer. And I'm not even sure if I was 190lbs when I did. I just remember it was about that. So, I'm not sure how much weight I've lost... I do know that those pants I've been talking about? The ones that I was trying to fit into with the 38" waist? Well... not only do I fit into them... but I can pull them down without unbuttoning them. I'd say I've lost about 2" in the waist for that to be happening.

I got to try my dad's tredmill on Christmas. He bought it for ten bucks at a garage sale. The part that keeps track of your miles and all such is fried on it, but other than that, it works pretty good. With the pedometer, I was able to do slightly under 6 miles. I wish we had the room for a tredmill. There is a cross country ski machine I've been looking at as a possibility. It's about a hundred bucks and it folds up really small. It would be good for days when the weather says no walking.. also, it would help with my arms and abs. I'm toying with that.

When we got home, the cats acted happy to see us, which was a nice surprise. Chrissy was actually at the door, and would not stop with the "SQUAAALK!" until I sat on the kitchen floor and petted her for several minutes. Goten, rubbed against me, then lept up and bit my earlobe. Todd's opinion is that he wants me to have three holes for earrings. My opinion is that he just likes to bite.
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Shameless bragging...

Okay, so I didn't get much of a chance to walk today, because I had to work tonight. And.. work was a total zoo. I was also in the smoking section, which is the furthest away from the kitchen. As a results, I put in 12,019 steps at work... which is roughly about six miles worth of walking, just at work.

Add that in with the four and a quarter miles I walked today, and we have 10 and 1/4 miles I walked today... Not bad huh?

Well, since it's Saturday, it's time to do the stats for the week... *Drumroll*

Week of 12/21/03
Number of walks = 7
Total walking distance = 42.75
"Other" miles = 20.25
Total miles walked = 63 miles

I keep staring at the numbers... in shock. 63 miles I walked this week, between going for walk and work and all such.

Wow... 63 miles... 42 3/4 miles by going out for walks.

Part of me disbelives it, then I look at my feet, and all the blisters and I know it happened, I know I did it.

Oh yeah, I did set up an account for my walking journal. Yeah, I'm going to put it on LJ soon. Between turning in my codes and the lovely gift someone sent me... I have enough to pay for it for at least six months, so what the heck. It's not that I'm against drivelbox... it's worked really good for me, but I'm a bit paranoid that it will close down someday, and I don't want to lose all the statistics I've gathered so far. I want to be able to look at them next year, if I'm still walking. (Which I pray like hell I will be...) I really have little fear of LJ closing down.

But... if you're interested, the journal name is darq_walk No, I don't expect anyone to put it on their friends list... it's pretty darned boring, just my "I walked this far today... I felt like such and such..." But, it's there if anyone is interested. And, like I do with this journal, I'll add anyone who adds me.
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