December 21st, 2003

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Must goosh for a bit.... The jeans fit! Yes, the size 38" waist jeans that last year I was looping with an elastic so I wouldn't feel like I was wearing a corset fit me now. They slide up. I don't even have to do the "big suckin" to get them to button. Ironically, unless my schedual has gone kaplooie, I'm due for the dreaded sainted aunt Flo visit, so the fact that they fit so well, really has me feeling better about everything.

And yes, I wore them while we ate, to test them and even after a fairly large meal, they were still quite comfortable.

So... for right now, I feel good. The six mile walk I took today seems worth it. Do I still have a long way to go? You betcha I do, but at least I'm only as fat as I was... uhm... about two years ago. When the dreaded picture of me that my mother has in her living room, that I hate with a passion was taken... or a little after that, when I'd put on more weight. But, I'll take it for now.

And yes, I already explain to Todd, if I ever did manage to get down to a 32" waist or lower, like I had when we first started living together, I will go out and buy an outfit... and no, it will not be some cheap peice of crap.

Today I got my first chance to play with the nifty Kodak digital camera my brother in law and sister in law got me. Very nice. 3.2 megapixle and it came with a docking bay. So, you just slap that puppy into the docking bay and press a button and all your pictures are uploaded. No muss no fuss. And it doesn't take bad pictures either. I've been wanting to play with it before Christmas, so I could bring it up to my folks on Christmas, and not feel like a fool. "Uh... I'm not sure how to operate this..." Well, it couldn't be easier. I tested it out at the park where I went walking. It worked out great, because the first couple laps of the park, I like to poke along so I can get warmed up, and this gave me the chance to do it.

Maybe I'll post some of the pictures ... I'm going to make icons with some of them, to use in my walking journal.

Speaking of my walking journal, I've seriously considered moving it over to LJ next year. The only problem is that if I do that, I'd want to pay for it, to get the extra icons. (No, I don't need fifty icons... but the standard 10 or 15 that comes with a paid account would be nice.)

Oh, and I have to tell Santa that Goten has been a particularly naughty cat lately, and therefor doesn't deserve squat for Christmas. He's always been a bit agressive with Chrissy, but the last few days, he's been downright brutal to her. Every time that poor cat tries to step foot off the couch, he's been leaping on her and attacking her. My usual method of dealing with this is to ignore it, figuring they have to work it out, because< it requires no effort on my part I feel that if I interfere too much, then Goten will torment her even worse the moment we leave the house. But I had to do something today, because he just would not let Chrissy near the foodbowl.

Remember the old days where Chrissy ran the household and poor Remy was forced to toe the line under her evil empire? Well, the balance of power has shifted to the Mighty Orange Visa/Goten. Heaven help us all.

Well, I think I'm going to celebrate the fact that my pants fit again, by having a gallon of ice cream a small cup of fruit cocktail. At least that's one snack the cats won't insist I share with them.
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Christmas Icon

Attention please...

This is my new Christmas icon. My newest and oldest, as at this point, it is and probably will be my only Christmas icon.

That Santa is from ontop of a mill in my city. It stands up there all year 'round. The place is called Tinsel Town and they make a lot of Christmas decorations.

And yes, annlarimer, they too, have no idea that penguins do not live at the North Pole.
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