December 5th, 2003

Oh boy!

There's still time...

Okay, if you haven't yet, read this post and sign it, if you want to give me a gift of allowing me to donate something to our local cat shelter.

Last night, we took one batch of stuff up to the shelter already... so far, this is what's been donated...
7 bottles of dishwashing detergent
2 bottles of bleach
14 rolls of paper towel
12 cans of catfood. (I thought I'd grabbed 24, but it was 12)
The woman at the shelter was really appreciative, and told me that they also are running low on laundry detergent and kitten food. So, today I picked up more stuff. I haven't brought that up yet.

I thought I had picked up some kitty litter, but as it turns out, we decided not to, because we had a bunch of stuff and Todd's knees were hurting, and I didnt' want him tossing around 50 lb sacks of kitty litter. So, we're hoping to some time next week, grab some big bags of kitty litter. And more kitten food, both canned and dry. They do have a very good supply of adult cat food, but kitten food they're very short on. So, I'm making that a priority.

They have two cats there, that I wanted to scoop up and take home. The first is an orange striped cat (I know, dangerous, right?) but he's much darker than Goten. In fact, he's more of a golden brown color than orange, and he's got a white underbelly. He's also very vocal and the two of us had a lovely chat.

The other is a little minx named Fiona, who is a long haired, calico, with a white underbelly as well. Fiona was fixed recently and still needs to have her stitches taken out. Fiona is a little bundle of energy, who can climb like the wind and likes to snake her paw out of the cage and try to snag you as you walk by, as if to say, "You're doing absolutely nothing... PLAY WIF ME!"

They also had a tempermental black cat, that comes up, begs for pets, you pet him and he swats you and bites your fingers. Grumpy guy. I couldn't quite warm up to him. But Fiona and the brown/gold one (who sadly, doesn't have a name...) I would have taken them home in a heartbeat, but I'm not quite ready to give up the iota of peace we have in the house, having only two cats. Not to mention, that I worry Goten will go spastic on another cat.

But, the woman who was there, really appreciated the donations and told me to send my thanks along. Once I've dropped off the last of the stuff, she's going to send a thank you letter, which I'll try to scan and put in this journal. If I can't scan it, I'll copy it word for word.

Thanks again to everyone who's taken the time to sign that post and let me know. I appreciate it and the shelter does too. And thanks to, to everyone who's going to return the guesture and buy something for their local food bank or cat shelter.
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