December 3rd, 2003

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A very strange gift idea

Okay... I'll be honest, money is pretty tight this year and it's Christmas. I'll be honest, work has been pretty dead lately, and they've been playing some crazy games with my hours. Todd is still working steady, but his money has to go for the bills. It's my money that pays for "everything else" And trust me, once we buy food, the budget is shot. (Shot to the point, where I'm actually doing a lot more *gasp* cooking!)

This means Christmas is going to be a struggle. Family, I believe we can cover, if I can cut a few corners. Friends? Well, that's the problem.

Now, I have no idea who, if anyone, was planning on getting me anything on LJ. I know in years past, I've gotten gifts and given them too, with some folks. But, this year, I'd like to do something "weird."

If you were planning on getting me a gift, or, if you think this is a great idea and worth your time to leave a comment to this entry, what I'd like to do instead, is have you let me, donate a can of catfood to the local no kill cat shelter. The last time I checked, they did accept donations of both dry and canned Frisky's catfood, and both are on sale at the local Stop and Shop. I can't afford to get "real" gifts for people, but I can scrape up 20 cents per most everyone on my friends list and buy a can of catfood, which will feed some poor cat for a day.

It works on a two way street. You give me "permission" to buy one can of catfood. I "give" the can of catfood in lieu of getting you a real present. This way you gave me something... you gave me the chance to spend money on something I feel is worthwhile, but also manages to fit my budget. You're giving me a moment of your time to hit the comment button and write, "Yes, donate a can of catfood!" I, in turn, give something. I donate a can of catfood "in your name." (I'm debating if I could get away with writing the names of people who agree, on the cans... not that the cats will read them, but it's something that marks the giving.)

And, if you feel that you really must spend money on me, here's what you can do, that will make me happy; buy a can of catfood and donate it to a local shelter. Or, if you aren't a huge cat lover, and would rather donate for a more human purpose, donate a can of food to a local food pantry. If your area is anything like mine, there should be areas set up in grocery stores, restaurants, and even supermarkets, where you can leave the food. And then, you can let me know you gave it. Tust me, thinking that a cat or a human being who needs it will have food for at least a day, is the best gift in the world to me.

Money is tight for us this year, as it is for most people, but Todd and I are still damned lucky. We're not hungry. We're not cold. We're both healthy and we have a roof over our heads. Our cats are well fed and healthy. (Goten is getting a little too healthy... if you get my drift..) Other people and other animals aren't so lucky.

So, what do you think? No, you won't get a nice "Thank you for your donation!" card... I don't think the catshelter gives out thank you cards, and I can almost garentee that even if they do, they won't give me one for every person on my friends list, but you'll have the knowlege that one cat, somewhere, got to eat for another day. A day where the right person may come in and give them a proper home.
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Getting organized and started..

Okay... for those of you who haven't yet, please go Here and leave a comment if you would like me to donate something to my local cat shelter. (The post itself explains more about what I'm doing and why...)

I called the shelter today, and asked what they are in need of. They told me that food wasn't that much of a problem as of now, but they are in dire need of dishwashing detergent, bleach, paper towels, and kitty litter. Makes perfect sense to me when I thought about it. People are probably more willing to donate food than they are to donate the other supplies that are needed to keep a clean shelter.

So, as of right now, I took some of my tip money from yesterday and bought... a six pack of paper towels. 5 bottle of dishwashing detergent, and 2 large bags of kitty litter. (They want the plain clay litter from WalMart if possible, because they've found that very few cats are sensitive to it, because it's totally free of any deoderants or other chemicals. It's pure clay litter.) And, I've also picked up 24 cans of catfood, because I don't care how much they have, the stuff doesn't go bad, they can store it for when they need it. I was unable to pick up bleach, because for some odd reason, it seems that everyone in Woonsocket has gone bleach crazy, and the shelves at WalMart were empty!

I still plan on picking up more stuff as the next couple weeks go by. My hope is that I can drop all the stuff off on Saturday, the 20th of December. But, I may call them tomorrow and ask if it would be better for them if I were to bring the stuff up in little bits, if they really are in desperate need of it now.

So, it might not be canned catfood that comes from all of you, but it will be something the shelter really needs to keep going. *g* And, the nice person on the phone was even willing to send out thank you's to everyone who signed my journal and said yes. However, I explained to her that it would be a lot of names, and that I'd rather they didn't write and mail that many thank-yous, but instead, if they were willing to send me one, I'd see what I could do to scan it and put it up in my journal.

Thank you to all of you who signed my journal. Thanks for taking the time to let me know you'd like to see me donate for you to my shelter. And if you haven't signed yet, and want to, please feel free to go and do so now
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