October 16th, 2003

Lookie me I'm an idiot!

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I took a very short walk this afternoon, mostly because I was tired. Why was I tired? Because last night, Todd and I stayed up late to watch movies. Ghost Ship and House of 1000 corpses.

Todd was afraid I'd never be able to sleep after House, but to be honest, I found the whole movie so... fried, that it just didn't even phase me. And, while Todd loves it, I kept thinking it would be a thousand times better (pun intended) having Mike and the Robots there. "Look, it's the house that freak built!"

Ghost ship wasn't bad though. It didn't scare me, but I enjoyed watching it. Yes, the one part with the machinery was pretty urpy, and the opening, but other than that, it wasn't so bad. I was more interested in finding out what was going on. And that's all I'm going to say so I don't wreak the movie for anyone else who might want to rent it.

Sometimes I feel that I'm becoming "immune" to horror movies, and that scares me. Then I see a movie like Gaslight, can't sleep for days, and realize that no, it's not me, it's the way they make movies now. Gore is not a good substitute for fear. Horror movies should make you afraid, they should make you not want to sleep.

But, I ended up sleeping this afternoon, having freaky dreams. I don't remember them clearly, I do know in one, I wasn't me, which is happening way too much lately. I was this geeky high school girl who was going to this boarding school. And my friend was this guy who was also a big geek (He looked kinda like Mikey on American Chopper, but he had dark hair instead) I don't even remember his name, but I remembered he had this gift for being able to make everyone laugh, by saying things that were completely off the wall. So, we lived in this boarding school, where everyone had private rooms with bad furniture.

Goten has been a pain in the ass today. He comes up to me, demanding love, and when I go to pet him and give it to him, he bites me instead. Then he runs off as if to say, "Hah hah, gotcha Mommy!" And a few minutes later, he's back at it again.

I think this is a punishment because the other morning I stepped on his last "Little plastic ball with the bell in it." and shattered it. Nevermind that he has a billion other ball like things to play with, the little ones with the bell are the important ones. I must remember to get to the store and pick up another package.
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