September 16th, 2003

Evil I tell you!

Thank you Science channel

I'm really glad you're doing a special about dinosaurs. What really made the special was watching you use the ass end of a dog as a demonstration about how dinosaurs fight. Interesting touch, using a real dog. It made my afternoon to watch a dog's crank leaping and hopping about. And that dog had nothing to be ashamed of.

Now I feel like a total pervert. I appreciate that.
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Life sucks!

Memo to LJ

Uh... would it be possible to work a little more often? I am paying for my journal. I understand down times happen, but once again, we're back to the evening times of "can't get on, can't post replies, have to reload my friends page several times" between the hours of about 7:00 until Midnight.

I understand your service is quite popular and if I were a free account, I'd not make a peep, but I am paying and this does happen it seems, when school is in session.

Yeah, I know, "My tough luck."
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