September 7th, 2003

huh? or thoughtful

I guess I'm insane.

I'm watching The History channel and thery'e doing this special about the lengths the military goes to to identify soldiers killed in battle. Because of the motto, "We don't leave anyone behind."

I really think that's great, especially for the families. I have nothing against the program. However, there's one part where someone says something along the lines of, "We hope this gives our soldiers the comfort of knowing that if they do have to make the ultimate sacrifice, they won't have to lie in foreign soil forever."

This tells me that I would never make it in the military, because to be honest, I'd find absolutely no comfort in that. Could give a fuck where my bones lie, cause... you know what? I'm dead. Once my spirit leaves my body, it's just a bag of meat, you know?

For the sake of the families that would feel better knowing their loved ones are resting in this country? I'm all for it. But I'll bet the military hasn't gotten one complaint from the actual dead person. "You know, my body is like, lying away in the South Pacific, and I'm just totally unable to enjoy the afterlife, till you find it!"

I dunno... maybe I'm weird, cause I really have no care about my physical body at all once I leave it. One night, Todd and I were sitting around discussing what would happen if we were ever stranded in the mountains, with no food, no supplies, and one of us died. Would the other one eat us? You know, typical married folks conversation.

I was of the opinion that if I died and he did not eat me to survive, the second he died of starvation and got to heaven, I would kick his ass from one end of heaven to another. Because once I'm dead, I'm just a sack of proteen. And, I'd do anything in my power while I was alive to save him, I'd find it rather comforting to know I could help him even in death.

Of course, I have to admit, I don't know if I could eat him, were the situation reversed. Simply for the fact that I'm not sure how interested I'd be in staying alive with him gone. If rescue really seemed remote, I think I'd rather just starve and join him faster.

So he could kick my ass across heaven a few times.

Stop staring at me, we're a perfectly normal married couple, I swear!
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