August 24th, 2003

Lookie me I'm an idiot!


It's cool tonight, and even better, it's fairly dry!

This means I can crawl under the covers and sleep and not feel like I'm covered in wet seaweed!

Tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler and drier! And I don't have to work tomorrow

I am a very happy camper tonight! And, since I've spent most of this summer bitching to all of you how miserable I am about the weather, I thought I'd share that I'm happy now. Very happy.

Life is damned good right now. I don't even care that I'm out of Klondike bars.
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It's cool and not humid! Rejoice, Rejoice! I no longer feel like I have a swamp covering my breasts instead of a bra. Rejoice, Rejoice! Todd can actually sleep today. Rejoice, Rejoice! I have a peice of cheesecake in the refrigerator. Rejoice, Rejoice! The neighbors have gone for a walk with thier yippy little mut rather than leave him outside barking for several hours. Rejoice, Rejoice! Goten now has an amazing amount of energy and is running about the house like a lunatic, Rej--

Well, it's not all Skittles and beer, but it's pretty darned close.

I really need to hook up the new printer too. I have no excuse anymore.

I want the weather to stay like this forever.
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