April 21st, 2003

Lookie me I'm an idiot!

So, tell me, sweetheart, when did you first discover you're an idiot?

Went to Toys R Expensive today, to look for a mini CD wallet for Todd. Seems no one makes a mini CD wallet for mini CD's that fits in your pocket, but Nintendo Cube CD's are mini CD size, so logic would dictate that maybe we could find a small little case for the nintendo mini cds and it would work.

We didn't find one at Toys R Outragous, but we did find one at Circut City, and it works just great. Tiny, has a belt clip, and will hold 12 CD's and fit neatly in his pocket. Yay!

But let's get back to Toys R A Multi Million Dollar Business... okay, we didn't have luck with the CD case, but we were looking around a bit, cause well, we don't have kids, so Todd and I can be the kids.

We're looking around and this woman comes in with three children. Clearly children have been promised this trip, and have been badly dragged around the mall and all sorts of boring adult stores, on the idea that if they were good, they would get this treat, a trip to Toys R More Than You Can Afford For The Really Good Ones.

We all know my tollerance for bratty children, but you know what? when I go into a freaking toystore, I fully expect that there will be children and they will behaive like children! I know darned well that the Toy Store is one of the Few Huge Bribes Parents have. "We have to go look at plumbing supplies!" Tell me a kid that's going to rejoice over that news? So, how does Mommy and Daddy get them to go and not run around destroying things? They tell them, "And if you're good, Mommy and Daddy will stop at Toys R Ridiculous!"

Well, so we're dodging these three children who are running up and down the isles, all happy and giddy. I give them one thing, they weren't grabbing and throwing things around, they were being more like cats. You know what I mean, right? "I have to look at action figures NOW... no, I have to look at dolls NOW! Oh, wait, I must check out the videos, NOW!" Ready, set, go.

Well, there is a clerk stocking stuff, who proceeded to yell at the kids to stop running. I could see that, for safeties sake, I really could, although I think her energy would have been better spent trying to teach herself to crap nickles, but I could see it.

What I couldn't see was her coming up to me and yelling at me to control my children. And, when I explained they weren't mine, I could see even less why she felt she had to tell me and Todd (in a very loud, obnoxious, whiny, voice) how much she hated children and why she felt the store should not allow them inside.

HELLO? It's a damned TOY STORE!

And thus, my faith in mankind continues to slip further down the tubes.
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Eye Candy

Oh yeah, one other thing that pissed me off.

They're starting the GT episodes with episode 11 or 12 or something.

Just when I thought Funimation was starting to catch on... they prove they still don't have a clue.

How much you want to bet when the whole series is done with, they'll release the first epsidoes as the "Secret lost epsidoes of GT!" ?
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Life sucks!

And it goes in and out...

As I took a shower this afternoon, I was overcome with the sense of relief that all I had to do was take off my clothes and step into the shower.

The past couple weeks thanks to Remy's troubles, the bathroom became the "sick room" so taking a shower was a complicated process. First we had to see if Remy wanted to be in his sick room or outside of his sickroom. But trust me, no matter where he was, the moment the water came on, he wanted to be in the other place, be it inside or outside.

Then, we had to move Remy's bed to the other side of the room, blocking the door, so that no water sprayed on it, again, whether he was inside or outside of the room.

Then, we had to move his food and water bowls for the same reason.

Then, we had to take the litterbox out of the shower (the only place we could put it, and still be able to get to other things in the room like the sink or the toilet.

Then, we had to scrub out the bottom of the shower, where Remy would have dumped litter.

Then, I could take a shower.

Then, I had to put all the stuff back again.

So, as I realized that what had become a 45 minute ritual was back down to about 20 minutes, I had this overwhelming sense of relief. "Wow, I can just take a shower again, this is so nice! I missed it so much!"

Then the price of this hit me. "Yeah, Darq, rejoice some more. You got your bathroom back at the price of the life of your cat... wheee, let's go out and celibrate, you selfcentered bitch. You'll never have the chance to hold him again, but what the hell, you can wash your hair real easy now!"

And I sat down on the john, wrapped in a towel and started crying my eyes out.

I know, deep down that I didn't do anything wrong. I shouldn't feel guilty for not missing how Remy was towards the end. But a lot of things are easier said than done.

Goten and Chrissy are sleeping on my bed now, right behind me. You know, I really think they outed Remy from their number when he got sick, because they don't act at all different now that he's gone and he was here before either of them.
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