January 25th, 2003


Want some eggs with that whine?

I went out for breakfast this morning. (MMMM Breakfast!) We went to this place that's pretty tiny and pretty much a dive. But, they have good eggs. But the place primarily seems to cater to folks who smoke, and on mornings are nursing hangovers. This is not the place you bring your kiddies to. No, it's not violent, but conversation gets a little rough at times at the counter and you don't exactly see humanity at its finest.

Behind us were two folks with two kids. Now, no one asked them to come in there. There are about 5 other restaurants very close that cater more to children. They have special menus for children, they have nice clean non smoking sections or they don't even allow smoking. So, these people clearly made a choice to come in here.

Said children were running around the place, bugging people and in general being littlebrats.

All the parents did was totally ignore their kid's behavior and bitch (Loud as hell, I might add) about how people were smoking, how people were talking rudely, how this place needed to clean up it's act, how their children were being damaged by being here. As close as I can remember, the woman said at one point, "You'd think with CHILDREN in the place, these folks would CLEAN UP THEIR ACT. Don't they realize MY CHILDREN have to BREATH THIS AIR and LISTEN TO THIS LANGUAGE?"

Her husband/boyfriend chimed in with her, going off about how awful everything was, how miserable we all were, the dregs of humanity, etc. etc.

Little girl, who had been amusing herself by opening up the little case where they hold the soda and taking cans out and stacking them on the floor got bored and went over and started bugging someone sitting alone in the corner. The person in the corner was looking miserable, and really hung over.

"MISTER ARE YOU ALL RIGHT? MISTER WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" The kid starts yelling and badgering the guy.

Never once did the parents tell the child to leave the man alone. They were too busy ranting about how evil all of us in the place were.

Finally, the man looked up and told the little girl to get out of his face or he'd puke on her. I give him credit, had I been him, I would have just puked and asked questions later. The parents sure heard that, grabbed the boy and the girl and stormed out of the restaurant without paying their bill. (They had finished breakfast a bit ago, were lingering over coffee and bitching.)

My husband ran out and got their license plate number. But the woman who runs/owns the place said it wasn't worth it.

So, the scum of the universe, everyone in the place, we all chipped in a couple bucks and paid for these asshole's meal We know this restaurant isn't making this woman rich. She can't afford to give away food because people are morons.

Yes, it does take a village to raise a child, and you should try not to prolong your child's exposure to the village idiots, however, today the idiots proved to be better than the rest of the village.

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