August 26th, 2001


Did you ever...

Get practically no sleep for a week? Just a couple hours a night or so... cause you had a busy week?

Then, finally, your body crashes out. And you sleep ten hours in one night.

Then the next day, you wake up and you feel like your joints are rubber bands that have been stretched too far? And your eyes are full of that sleep goo and it seems like you'll never get it out?

And the world seems as if it's wrapped in a haze and you're trying to make sense of it all?

Not to mention your mouth feels like it's got this paste in it and even after you brush your teeth you still feel it?

That's exactly the way I feel now. Why isn't there a mood icon to describe this? Or one word?
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::Raises one brow:::

Anyone else having trouble getting to their friend's pages and stuff like that today?

I tried to get on yesterday night and I had the same problems.

I'm wondering if changing my icons screwed things up.
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