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*rounds everyone up*

*Starts gathering up people* "C'mon, c'mon, keep it moving, keep it moving... grab the cake, grab the candles, grab the dancing rats. Yes, dancing rats... never MIND, it's my fantasy right? So we can and will have dancing rats."

*Goes marching over to Gypsy Jr's journal, trompling along happily.

*Clap clap clap clap*

"Sound off!"


Happy happy birthday it's a special one we're told
Cause unlike other birthdays now you're 21 years old
We hope you're day is wonderful and filled with special things
And that you'll see that midnight showing of the next Lord Of The Rings.

Yesterday you were twenty, today you're twenty-one
We can't think of a better excuse to have a lot of fun.
Not every day's your birthday, it's only once a year
So we'll fill it up with lots of wishes and one really lame cheer.

We promise soon we'll let you go, but we'd just like to say
We hope this cheer was not the best thing that happened to you this day.
So have a special birthday have a day of fun
Just don't have so much going on you can't remember what you've done!

Happy 21st. And I hope you have a 150 more!

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